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Career Development Services

Start your journey to success with Sustainable Prospects! Our team of professionals provide career guidance and inspiration for all career stages, industries and professions. With our objective guidance, you'll be ready to take on any challenge and reach your goals.



The Changing World of Work

The job market is very dynamic and there have been many changes to navigate in the world of work over recent years – including the effects of the internet on recruitment (both positive and negative) the consequences of the Pandemic (some temporary, others permanent) and the impact of recession and political turmoil on global industries. However, the biggest change and challenge is yet to come: while experts don’t always agree on the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the job market, major change is on the way: while some new jobs may be created, many others will be negatively impacted or will disappear altogether. While it is unclear which careers will be most affected by these changes, we feel that it is more important than ever to actively manage your career - to have a plan and sense of direction, to seek to understand the possible changes in your industry and how they might impact your career path. 


It is also critical that you are clear about your offer to employers and that you have identified and can capitalise on your strengths in order stand out from the competition both at interview with a new employer or internally when seeking promotion. While there are many vacant jobs on offer and the internet has made it easier to find and apply for them, competition is fierce and job adverts routinely attract hundreds of job applications not just from local or national job seekers but from global candidates. On top of these challenges, many of us are seeking greater fulfilment and satisfaction from a career and it can be worthwhile to seek a job which aligns with your aspirations, values, goals and ambitions.


Our team of experienced recruiters and career coaches is here to help you to manage and adapt to the changing world of work.

What We Do

We look beyond your current situation to what could be. We know from our work as career coaches and executive recruiters that individuals who actively manage and invest in their career are likely to be best placed to make the most of career opportunities and ultimately achieve more job satisfaction.


If you are seeking to improve your career prospects, our expert one-to-one guidance will help you to move forward effectively. Whether you’re looking to find a new job or change career, to progress more quickly in your current role or step up into a leadership position, we will provide the support that you need to achieve your objectives.  We will show you what you need to do to stand out above the competition and to position and market yourself effectively.


Our career services are your opportunity to engage with experienced professionals who can help you to define your goals and objectives, identify key tasks and create a timeline to achieve them.   We will help you to take control of your career and provide insights to help you to navigate recruitment processes. We will create a bespoke package of support which meets your particular goals. If you are looking for inspiration, objective guidance and practical support, we will help you to move forward.

Who is this for?

We work with individual clients across every industry and at every career stage from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, working with individuals who understand that our services require an investment of time, money, energy and focus in order to achieve the best results. We have experience of working with individuals in most sectors including: financial services, manufacturing, not for profit, technology and digital, international development, environment and sustainability, and many others. 


We work with you in two main ways: through career coaching and/or by carrying out bespoke analysis and providing data insights to support your job search.

For details of how we have supported some of our clients, please

Our Services:  Career Coaching and Job Search Assistance

Career Coaching 

Delivered by: Phone or Skype/MS Teams/Zoom 

Priced at: £199 per session

Discussions with an experienced Career Coach to explore, assess, challenge and support you to achieve your career objectives. Our aim is to help you to assess how and when you are most effective, what you enjoy and what motivates you, and most importantly, where you want to be in terms of your future career. 

We can support you to:


  • Plan your career path so that opportunities do not pass you by

  • Develop leadership skills to position for promotion possibilities

  • Identify and maximise your strengths, and manage any weaknesses

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors

  • Explore alternative career options in order to remain agile in the face of change

  • Support you to present well during interviews 

  • Explore self-employment options

  • Plan for a great retirement

  • Work abroad successfully

  • Set up in business

  • Develop a portfolio career and/or side hustle

There is no minimum requirement although we recommend at least 3 sessions for the best results. 

Sample Coaching Programme: identifying your ideal role - £776

Comprising 4 one-hour telephone sessions with a Career Coach. An 10 % discount will be applied to the 4th Session when all 4 sessions are paid for in advance of the 1st session. The discount reduces the 4th session fee to £180.

Session 1

Review your career to date


Sessions 2 and 3

Guided Self-appraisal

Session 4

Guided Options assessment


* All sessions must be paid in full in advance of the first session. The Fee reduction is applied to the final session


To set up your first Career Coaching Session, please click the chat button below to leave a short message  - or email:​​

Job Search Support: research insights and data provision

Delivered by: Phone and Email

Priced at: £125 per session


We understand that everyone’s job search is unique. Our work begins with a discussion to understand your job search activity and any challenges you have experienced, followed by a review and analysis of your CV and Linked In profile and any job applications you have made. We will share what employers in your field look for and provide insights on how recruiters operate to help you to get selected for the role you are seeking. We will guide you to produce a strong CV and linked in profile to ensure that you stand out from other job seekers. We can carry out bespoke research, providing data and insights to ensure that your job search is structured and pro-active including, for example, identifying live roles, relevant recruiters and potential employers or identifying other job types you could consider.


Our aim is to provide bespoke guidance to help you to find a job that you love. 


  • Help to identify relevant job opportunities

  • Analyse and provide feedback, guiding you to develop a compelling CV, strong Linked in profile and powerful cover letters or job applications, ensuring that you showcase your skills effectively so that you are well positioned for the role you seek

  • Provide recruiter insights to help you to navigate the recruitment process

  • Develop a proactive job search strategy: research potential employers, network and attend career events

  • Identify alternative career options, providing data about industries, sectors and roles you could consider

  • Review and analyse job applications you have made

Sample Programme: CV Review - £350

We are happy to offer  discount where 3 sessions are booked and paid for at the same time. The discount is applied to the final session reducing the final session fee to £100.

Comprised of 1 telephone session with an experienced executive recruiter, followed by 2 written sessions to analyse and provide feedback on your CV.  A 20% discount will be applied to the 3rd session reducing the fee for the 3rd session to £100 when all 3 sessions are paid in advance

Session 1:      

Schedule your consultation with your dedicated Coach. It will be roughly 40 minutes and it can be either via phone or a video call, whichever is convenient for you. The call is to discuss your career objectives and any challenges you have experienced, and to answer any questions you may have. 

Session 2:      

We will review your CV, noting areas of weakness and provide detailed pointers for improvement by email. 

Session 3:      

We will review the changes you make following our guidance  and then provide final advice on any further improvements to be made, by email.

To set up your first Job Search Support Session, please click the chat button below to leave a short message - or email:

Our services are customisable - if you don't see anything here that matches your requirements, please email and we will reply with a costed programme of sessions.

Specialist Programmes 

Sustainable Career Transition

If you work in sustainability fields or you are seeking to move into a green career, we can support you to develop a fulfilling career. Please click here for more details of the support we provide:  

Expat Career Guidance

If you are working outside your home country,  either you have recently arrived in the UK or you are leaving the UK to work abroad, our support will help ensure that your career and that of your spouse/partner (if desired) maintains momentum.

Please click here for more details:

Any Questions? Please check out Frequently Asked Questions and details of how we work here:



How to get started!

1. Review our Career Guidance Business Terms, please click here:



2.After you have reviewed and accepted the Career Guidance Business Terms, please use the chat button or email: enquiry and let us know whether you are interested in career coaching, job search or one of our programmes. We will respond with an invoice for the first session.

3. When your payment for the first session has been received, we will be in touch to schedule a convenient time to talk.

Following the first session, you can schedule further Career Guidance Sessions either one session at a time or you can pay for a package of sessions for a discounted fee.

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