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Sustainable Prospects Career Guidance Services

How we work and Frequently Asked Questions




Thank you for your interest in our Career Guidance Services. We hope the following answers any questions you may have at this time but do get in touch by email if you have further queries:


How we work


Sustainable Prospects provides a range of Career Guidance Services including Coaching, Job Search Support, and specialist programmes. Our services are booked by the session and delivered by Phone/Skype/FaceTime or by email, depending on the client’s preference. Sessions generally last for around one hour, preceded by an investment of time and effort by the Coach to ensure they are familiar with the client’s requirements.

We work on a one-to-one basis, supporting our clients to identify, explore and overcome any challenges they may experience at any career stage. The challenges our clients face can be practical in nature or may relate to other less tangible issues such as burnout, lack of confidence, Imposter Syndrome, being passed over for promotion, and many others.

Our Services

A. Coaching: one-to-one discussions with one of our experienced coaches


We coach on a range of subjects: leadership development, career progression, and life/personal goals. The Coach will support the client through discussion to obtain a clear view of what they seek from their career and then provide guidance to overcome any challenges or barriers faced, assisting clients to move forward towards their career goals.  We coach with empathy and focus. The fee is the same for all areas of coaching and sessions will be tailored to specific requirements as discussed during the first session.


 B. . Job Search Support: analysis, feedback, and job search support, by our experienced executive recruiters


Feedback from our clients shows they experience a range of issues when seeking a new job, including difficulty identifying a suitable role or setbacks and rejection during the recruitment process. Using the expertise which we have built through our work as Executive Recruiters which includes screening and selecting candidates for jobs at every level from CEO to graduate roles, we help ensure that job hunters are more effective in their job search. Our input is tailored to each individual’s requirements but can include review of the CV or LinkedIn profile providing tips and feedback for improvement, and/or providing industry career research including information, data, and resources to make their job search more effective (as required).

C. Sustainable Career Transition Programme


The Sustainable Career Transition programme combines coaching and job search support, taking clients through a step-by-step process to identify sustainability focused career options, following which we support clients to position effectively to obtain a role which meets their values and career objectives.



D. International Assignment Support Programme


The International Assignment Support Programme is a wide-ranging programme covering leadership development, career, and lifestyle support to ensure that clients obtain the maximum benefit from their international placement.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What qualifies us to provide our Career Guidance Services?

Our Coaches have over 10 years’ experience of supporting individuals at every career stage and across most professions, providing support for Leadership Development, Career progression, and Life and Personal Coaching. We can provide coaching for individuals interested in finding or developing a sustainability-focused career, and for all others who seek career progression in any sector.


Our Recruiters have over 25 years’ experience of recruiting across a wide range of industries including Non-Profit, Technology and Digital, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Sustainability, and the Green Economy, among others, with a deep understanding of recruitment systems and processes, career paths and different job options, and in particular - what makes a good CV. We use this knowledge and experience to guide those searching for a new job or career path. 


Our coaching and recruitment teams work collaboratively behind the scenes to ensure that you can benefit from our experience in our respective fields.


How much does it cost?


Career Coaching Sessions cost £199 for each one-hour session. 

A 10 % discount on the fourth session price is offered when four sessions are booked and paid for in advance of the first session. This reduces the price of the 4th session to £180.


Job Search Support costs £125 for each one-hour session. 

A discount on the third session will be applied when all three sessions are booked and paid for in advance of the first session, reducing the price of the 3rd session to £100.



Sustainable Career Transition Programme – costs vary according to the number of sessions, although a sample costing can be supplied after an initial discussion.


International Assignments/Relocation – costs vary according to the number of sessions, although a sample costing can be supplied after an initial discussion.



How many sessions will I need?


Our clients vary in terms of the number of sessions they require, depending on their challenges and objectives. Following your first session, we will outline and discuss with you the number of sessions we recommend and what the sessions will cover.



What to expect and what will I get out of it?


Career Guidance requires an input of your time and effort, but our clients find the sessions both enjoyable and informative. We will support you to achieve your career objectives, guide your progress towards defined goals and assist you to overcome challenges and barriers you face. We will provide details of what the sessions will cover to help to ensure that we meet your objectives. You can find testimonies from clients of our Career Guidance Services on our website:


Can I have a trial coaching session?


We can arrange for an Exploratory Coaching Session to demonstrate how coaching works and how the coach will work with you. This is a 30 minute session carried out by phone and priced at £100.


Can I have a trial job search session?


Unfortunately we are not able to offer a trial job search session, but during your first session we will explore your requirements and then explain how we will work with you through follow on sessions.


What does the Sustainable Prospects Sustainable Career Transition Programme involve?


The programme combines coaching and job search support. We will illustrate a number of green career options that are available to you based on your interests, skills, and experience (typically 3-5 options). This is followed by coaching sessions to determine your strengths and weaknesses and to identify your all-important Transferable Skills. Based on the career options analysis and coaching discussions, we will identify the most suitable green career option for you. Following this, we provide feedback on your CV with tips for improvement and if required, we can support your job search and networking activities. In general, we expect clients taking this programme to require in the region of 10 sessions.


What does the International Assignment/Relocation Programme involve?


This programme consists of coaching and information provision for individuals and potentially, their spouse/partner (if required) who are planning to work outside their home country. The programme provides support to achieve career objectives and guidance to ensure that this period is successful both personally and professionally. The programme is fully customisable, however an illustration can be provided if required.


How do I know which option is right for me?


As a general rule, Career Coaching is the best option if you are seeking guidance to challenge and support you to identify, develop and achieve clear career goals. 


Job Search Support is the right choice if you are seeking feedback on your CV and/or seeking practical help to make your search for a new job more effective.


Can you provide Career Guidance Services in other languages or only English?


At this time we are only providing Career Guidance Services in English



Do you work with individuals who are located outside the UK?


Yes, we are delighted to provide our Career Guidance Services wherever you are based  - as long as you can receive emails and make voice calls, we can support you. You can call us through Skype, WhatsApp, Landline or Mobile from where ever you are in the world.


However, please note that our office hours are 09.00am to 18.00pm GMT, London time. Please check that your time zone is compatible with this time zone.



How do I pay:

Please pay by bank transfer  - bank account details will be provided on request. We can also accept payment through Paypal if required, however a 5% charge will be added to your fee to cover additional processing time and Paypal charges.



How soon can I book a session?


We can generally offer a session within 2-3 weeks of receiving payment of the session fee. Please email to let us know when you have paid the session fee, so that we can schedule a convenient time to talk shortly afterwards.



If I want to go ahead – what do I do next?

Email to let us know which service you are interested in

We will respond with our Terms of Business and the invoice for the session

When we receive your payment,  we will be in touch with dates for the session



We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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