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Sustainability Recruitment: Talent Search Case Studies

Climate Change: Propositions Director

Challenge: To find a senior marketing professional able to rapidly adapt to working in the climate change arena, with the expertise to produce compelling, sustainability focused propositions.

Solution: We delivered a strong candidate shortlist from both the mainstream economy and sustainability sectors.  Places of access included innovation consultancies, marketing and branding agencies, enabling our client to select from a range of applicants accomplished at communicating complex solutions to a wide range of audiences.

Outcome: The successful candidate adapted rapidly, introducing best practice to communicate sustainability ethics effectively.

This case study highlights how an innovative approach to recruitment can enable sustainable businesses to make informed hiring decisions that bring additional value to the workplace. It has also given our client candidates from an expanded range of backgrounds, who can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the team. At a time when the labour market is becoming increasingly competitive, this case study demonstrates how our cutting-edge solutions can empower businesses to broaden their hiring practices.

Sustainability: Policy Director


Challenge: A specialist role requiring candidates with the potential to become thought-leaders in the field of sustainable production and consumption and the expertise to develop future policy ideas to challenge current thinking.

Solution: Our search was global, encompassing Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.  We focused on candidates with expertise in the fields of energy-efficient product design, Life Cycle Analysis, Carbon Foot printing and Total Impact Assessment.

Outcome: Our shortlist included talented individuals from each continent - consultants, academics, researchers and policy and behavioural experts. The chosen candidate brought detailed knowledge of high level policy initiatives to the role.

Renewables: Head of Operations and Development

Challenge:  Our task was to find the most suitable candidate from a limited talent pool of professionals skilled in the field of low carbon transport innovation.


Solution: Our search drew in a range of experts from a number of sectors including manufacturing, haulage, fleet operations and transport, from which we put forward a strong candidate shortlist.


Outcome: Our client appointed one of our candidates from the mainstream transport sector, whose experience of selling into a range of client organisations together with expertise in the emissions control field, was an excellent choice for the role.

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