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Organisations - our Menu of Talent Services

Our work for organisations comprises Executive Talent Search, Graduate Selection, Assessment and Development and International Assignment programme support.


We work across a range of industries including manufacturing, retail, transport, consulting, financial and advisory services, not-for- profit and international development.


Clients range from mainstream multinationals to niche founder/operators. Many of our assignments are international in scope, recruiting for positions in both developed and developing countries.

Executive Talent Search

We work for both agency and corporate recruitment teams, supporting clients who may be seeking rare skills, operating in a small talent pool, pushing new boundaries or experiencing rapid growth.

Our intention is to generate strong candidate shortlists for senior level professional roles located in the UK, Europe or globally.

We work intensively on just 2-3 assignments at any one time, carrying out rigorous analysis followed by a structured map of your talent pool both within and outside your immediate sector, when appropriate. We will identify, attract and engage candidates whose expertise and skillset bring added value to your organisation. 

We offer 2 service options. Our Contained solution will introduce a shortlist of selected candidates within a guaranteed time frame and for a fixed fee, regardless of salary. Our Modular option provides ad-hoc support, flexible and customisable at key points in your recruitment lifecycle. Both services can successfully fill a current vacancy or build a future talent pipeline.

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Your investment in a bespoke graduate recruitment and assessment programme will support you to select the most appropriate applicants from a talent pool which increases by around 300,000 graduates in the UK alone every year.


We base our service on our experience of working in internal graduate recruiter roles, together with the insights we have derived through operating as external consultants to a range of organisations. We attract and engage the most suitable applicants, partner seamlessly with your team and align our input with your internal systems and processes.

Our services include:

  • Graduate attraction campaigns

  • Applicant selection and assessment

  • Onboarding, development projects

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Graduate Selection, Assessment and Development

International Assignment programme support.

Support for international assignees and accompanying partners can reduce the potential for assignment failure, improve take-up and return on investment and reduce stress for all involved. Our support can be commissioned at any stage from pre-assignment planning to return to base or a follow - on assignment.

Our services include:

  •   Assignee readiness assessments

  •   Coaching and support 

  •   Sourcing host country expertise

  •   Assignment review

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Please get in touch for details of our support to engage talented senior and mid level candidates, recruit at graduate level or enhance the experience of globally mobile employees