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Sustainable Career Transition

Are you looking to find a career path in line with your values?

If you have reached this page, you probably already feel that working for organisations who engage in “business as usual” holds no appeal.  


You may feel that "making a difference" is one of your objectives and that you prefer to be part of the solution to current environmental crises, rather than part of the problem.


Perhaps you are seeking guidance on how you can be part of the sustainability movement and whether it's possible to change career.


If you are interested in exploring sustainable career options, you have come to the right place - we are ideally equipped to get you started and moving forward. The sustainability job market is estimated to be the same size as the IT job market and is growing at a faster rate than the rest of the UK economy. There are already a wide range of career paths available and others are constantly emerging. 


However the job market is fragmented, definitions of sustainable careers vary and “green jobs” can be difficult to identify. This can make it just as difficult for individuals to find the right job opportunity as for employers to recruit the right talent.


The good news is that sustainable career paths are opening up in every sector and profession. Whatever your background or skill set, it is good to know that there are sustainable career choices available in most sectors and professions and at every level.


We can show you that while definitions of Sustainable Jobs can vary, sustainable career choices are available for almost everyone.

We'll support you to:

  • Align your passion for sustainability with your career choices

  • Map your skills and experience to the Sustainability job market

  • Explore Sustainable career paths and job options

  • Identify target employers and decision makers

  • Find relevant job opportunities 

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The support we offer:

​Our services are based on in-depth sustainability knowledge, the insights we have gained through our work as executive recruiters and our coaching and research skills. Whether you seek radical career change or a slight career shift, our guidance and practical support will assist your career transition. 

To go ahead or to find out more about this programme - please schedule an Exploratory Conversation, priced at £125 for 40 minutes.

Reveal360™ programme for Sustainable Career Transition

We offer a complete programme of guidance covering each of the areas shown below. Alternatively, we can provide guidance on a specific issue to suit your requirements, budget and availability.

Explore your interests, vision and values

We begin by exploring the sustainability challenges that interest and engage you: climate change? plastic pollution? renewable energy, resource depletion? business sustainability etc. These sectors are experiencing growth and job opportunities are increasing. We will show you the type of roles available in your chosen field.

Self Appraisal and Options Assessment

We will help you undertake self-appraisal to clarify your strengths, weaknesses and soft skills and review your career to date. At this point, we will be ready to assess the viability of your transition to the path you have chosen. We will explore the appeal, challenges and potential of the options identified so that you can feel confident in your decision.

CV Review

We will review and give feedback on your CV in terms of layout, content and presentation, highlighting skills of particular interest to employers in your chosen sector. If required, we can support your preparation for job interviews 

Job Search

We will provide direct help with your job search activities, identifying suitable recruiters, live job opportunities, and relevant decision makers in target employers for you to approach directly. Output will include insights and information to support and guide your job search.

Sustainability principles and practices can help address some of society's critical challenges.  You can be part of these developing fields and find a career path which meets your values.

For more details please email:

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