International Assignments and Relocation

If you are relocating internationally and seeking career guidance or lifestyle support – you have arrived at the right place.

We understand international relocation inside out. We know that it can be exciting and exhilarating but equally, at times, stressful and taxing. If you have been through the relocation process before you probably have a good idea of what to expect. If this is your first international relocation, we can provide invaluable help and support. It’s all about forward planning before you depart and having a plan in place for when you arrive.

We are particularly keen to support the Accompanying Partner, who may experience loss of career momentum.

So how do we help?

You need this move to be successful - both personally and in terms of your career - and working outside your home base undoubtedly offers considerable opportunities for growth and development. We will support you to make the most of all that relocation can offer through our international career coaching and lifestyle support service, delivered directly by our experienced relocation coaching team.

Support at any time

We can start to work with you at any time – whether you are preparing to relocate or have already moved and settling in, we will provide support when required. Our service is flexible and customisable, bespoke to each individual client’s requirements: we will fit in with your deadlines and schedules to deliver support when you need it.

For International Employees

Reduce relationship stress which may have been caused by relocation

Connect socially and at work

Check that your new role meets your career expectations – and what to do if it doesn’t

Maximise the value to you of the international placement

For the Accompanying Partner

Explore career options whether paid work, self employed, retraining or reskilling

Orientate your CV pre-move to support your career goals


Introduce you to selected members in our professional network


Access useful resources and networks on and off line


Help to regain career direction and momentum following relocation

Check out our blog for our thoughts on supporting your Accompanying Partner.

Contact us now to get your support in place.