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 Coaching and Career Guidance Case Studies

Please note: names have been changed to protect our clients privacy, however case study details are genuine


Miles — Experienced independent Consultant seeking to return to salaried employment in a permanent role


Challenge: after successfully working independently as an Environmental Consultant for over twenty years, Miles sought our help to obtain a full time, salaried role. 


We explored Miles’ reasons for wanting to return to full time employment and then:

  • Provided insights into any concerns that recruiters may have regarding changing his work status

  • Ensured that Miles' CV effectively showcased the value accrued through his diverse project experience 

  • Rehearsed interview questions recruiters and employers would pose to ensure that Miles presented himself effectively


Outcome: Miles reports a higher rate of being called for interview and is confident that he will find an interesting, salaried position.

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Grace — Early career, seeking a sustainability focused role

Challenge: after taking time out to travel following her Masters Degree (2017), Grace had identified a fascinating ideal role, but needed help to find that all important first job which would successfully enable her to achieve her longer term career objective.


How we helped Grace: after carefully analysing her career goal, strengths, interests and likes/dislikes, our Career Research Service then:

  • Provided insights into the Sustainability Job Market

  • Outlined a number of different Career Paths to consider, four options in total

  • Recommended our favoured option with reasons for choice

  • Provided information on salaries and promotion prospects for this option

  • Identified suitable recruiters, job boards, live jobs and target employers



Outcome: three weeks after Grace finished our coaching sessions, we were delighted to hear she had accepted a job offer with a consulting firm which will provide a firm foundation from which to pursue her dream career in a specialist field within Marine Conservation.

Freya — Recent Graduate, seeking help to secure more interviews

Challenge:  Freya graduated in 2108 with a BSc in Science and excellent academic results, but had been turned down for a number of jobs for which she was suitable and qualified.


How we helped Freya 

  • Carried out a detailed CV review and provided guidance for improvement

  • Provided insights into recruitment processes and systems

  • Gave intensive 1-2-1 support to rewrite her CV to fully communicate all of her strengths

  • Provided detailed guidance to improve her job applications and cover letter to increase the chance of being selected for interview

Outcome: just two weeks after our coaching sessions finished, we were delighted to hear that Freya obtained a Sustainability role resulting from her first job application after our work together.

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