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We work for both organisations and individual clients - assisting organisations to find the best candidates and supporting individuals to find meaning and reward in their career

Our Focus - Sustainability


It's clear that both Climate Change and Environmental Degradation have reached critical tipping points and the importance of adopting Sustainability as a driving force is more apparent than ever.  It is possible to embed sustainability principles across almost all industries and verticals, both mainstream and emerging. Organisations of every type - public, private and third sector, are driving sustainability forward through innovation in terms of technology, systems, programmes and processes.  Alongside this, individuals are increasingly seeking to find careers which prioritise sustainability.


However, it can be as challenging for organisations to find and recruit the right people as it is for individuals to understand how their skills and experience align with sustainability - focused jobs and new career paths.

Our Services


Enabling organisations to find the best candidates

We help organisations to find, attract and recruit the most talented employees, engaging candidates who typically are not actively job hunting, delivering strong shortlists for vacant positions globally.  We provide closely targeted support on a project basis. 

We've built an extensive professional network and developed a wealth of insights across a broad range of professional roles. ​ Our clients cross the public, private and third sectors, ranging from mainstream multinationals to niche founder/operators across a range of verticals including consultancy, manufacturing and retail, infrastructure, financial and advisory services, international development and not-for-profit. Many of the organisations we support are aligned to sustainability principles -  through their mission and values, products and services or operating practices. 

We also assist with recruitment at graduate level and provide support for internationally mobile employees and their accompanying partners.

Supporting individual

career development  

We empower individual clients to find greater meaning, value and reward from their career through our coaching and career guidance services. 

We go beyond "giving advice" to provide direct, on-going and hands-on support. Our team has coached a large number of individual clients - helping with job search, assisting career change, empowering professional development and advising on realignment following redundancy.


We work with individuals at every seniority level from Board and senior managers to graduates and career entrants. We are particularly keen to support anyone developing or seeking to establish a sustainability-focused career. 


Our Expertise


We have successfully assisted clients, both organisations and individuals, working in the fields of climate change, environment and sustainable development -  assisting organisations to find and engage the most talented candidates and supporting individuals to maximise career opportunities.

Climate Change

Low Carbon Construction and Transport

Energy efficiency

Sustainability Consulting

Low Impact Architecture and Design

Renewable Energy

ESG and Responsible Investment

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Education and Behaviour Change

Sustainable Finance

Climate Policies and Regulation


Conservation and Ecology

Environmental Sciences

Recycling and Waste Management

Pollution Control and Air Quality

Environmental Economics

Natural Capital Accounting

Water, Soils and Agriculture

Circular Economy and Zero Waste

Environmental Impact Assessment

Low Impact goods and services

Sustainable Development

Impact Investing and Social Finance

Sustainable Livelihood Development

Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, 

Sustainable Construction and Design 

Responsible Production and Consumption

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources






Executive Recruitment 

I have no hesitation in recommending Philippa, Director of Sustainable Prospects. She understands our real needs, using a combination of her sector knowledge and academic qualifications, plus her search expertise. I found that she makes use of her significant experience across a broad range of industries and job functions.  I have been impressed at her desire to go ‘the extra mile" adopting a value rather than time based approach. She is also very flexible in her approach, adapting traditional search models to suit our needs.

Talent Director, Environment Consultancy

Very experienced at dealing with clients, colleagues and candidates at all levels and their excellent communication skills ensure that outstanding results are delivered even in the most difficult circumstances.  

Director, Executive Search Firm


I was a bit of a loss this time last year, having been jumping from one job to another trying to find something in the sustainability sector that also allowed me to get outside and use my degree. You gave me ideas for work that I had never thought of before, providing detailed information about different sectors and what I could I expect from different careers. Now, I am happily employed in a marine ecological consultancy and love having the chance to get outside as well as use my brain! Thank you!

Early Career Environment Consultant

I was having a ‘crisis of career confidence’! I definitely got the validation I sought and afterwards felt much more comfortable. Instead of looking at what I’m lacking, your advice showed how to use my past experience to my advantage. You came into the conversation with no preconceptions, listened to my thoughts and drew practical conclusions. I appreciated being given a set of options instead of the usual approach ‘this is the one thing you should look at – do it and come back to me’! 

Early Career Management Consultant

Thank you very much for  the very helpful tips and suggestions. I have been busy following your advice and already have many interviews coming up. I cannot thank you enough!  

Recent Sustainability Graduate