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We work for both organisations and individual clients - enabling organisations to identify, attract and recruit the best candidates -  and coaching individuals to find meaning and reward in their career

Our Focus: Sustainability


Global challenges such as climate change and destruction of the environment have reached critical tipping points and the importance of prioritising Sustainability as a driving force is more apparent than ever.


Sustainability innovations across technology, systems and processes are being implemented by pioneering organisations in a range of business sectors, although growth is sometimes held back through lack of strong talent pools. At the same time, individuals from a range of different career backgrounds are keen to support a more sustainable world through their job and career choices, making business a force for good.


Our experience suggests that it can be as challenging for organisations to find and recruit the right people as it is for individuals to align their skills and experience with sustainability - focused jobs and new, green career paths. Our recruitment team locates and engages the best candidates and our coaching team supports sustainable career choices. We provide career guidance and advice to individuals, helping them to find meaningful paths in their professional lives. We also provide organisations with the resources they need to identify and attract the right people for sustainability-focused roles. We believe that with the right people in the right positions, businesses can lead the way in creating a more sustainable future. Our team has a range of experience in both corporate and non-profit sectors, so you can be sure that we have the right knowledge to support you and your business.

Our Services


Executive Search: helping organisations to recruit the most talented candidates

We assist organisations to identify, attract and recruit the most talented candidates by delivering strong shortlists for global roles through closely targeted project support. Clients range from multinationals to niche founder-operators across a range of sectors including professional services, manufacturing, retail, energy, banking and finance, international development and not-for-profit.  Many of our clients are aligned to sustainability principles through their mission and values, products and services or operating practices. We also assist with recruitment at graduate level and provide support for internationally mobile employees and their accompanying partners. Executive search is becoming increasingly important to organisations, helping them to source the most talented candidates and fill key positions. Our executive search team has the expertise to identify the right people, even when they are not actively seeking a move. By using a rigorous approach to research and assessment, combined with an in-depth understanding of the sector, we can identify passive candidates with the necessary skills, experience and motivation. 


Career Coaching and Job Search Support: empowering individuals to find meaning, value and reward in their career

We empower individuals to find meaning, value and reward in their career through one to one coaching providing direct, on-going and hands-on support. We empower job search, assist career change, support development and advise on realignment following redundancy. We work with individuals at every career stage from Board and senior management to graduates and career entrants. We are particularly keen to support anyone developing or seeking to establish a sustainability-focused career. 

Our Expertise

We support both organisations and individual clients operating in the fields of climate change, environment and sustainable development -  assisting organisations to find and engage the most talented candidates, supporting individuals to maximise career opportunities. Our assignments span each of the fields below:


Climate Change


Low Carbon Construction and Transport, Energy efficiency;

Sustainability Consulting, Renewable Energy, 

Low Impact Architecture and Design, ESG, Responsible Investment, 

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation, CSR, Environmental Education

Behaviour Change, Sustainable Finance, Climate Policies and Regulation; Greenhouse Gas reduction and Climate Change; Green Investment


Conservation, Biodiversity and Ecology; Pollution reduction; Air Quality; Deforestation; EIA; Environmental Economics; Natural Capital Accounting; Water, Soils and Agriculture; Circular Economy, Waste Management; Low Impact goods and services; Green finance

Sustainable Development

Impact Investing and Social Finance; Sustainable Livelihood Development

Clean Technology, Renewable Energy,

Sustainable Construction and Design, 

Responsible Production and Consumption; 

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources





Executive Talent Search:

I have no hesitation in recommending Philippa, Director of Sustainable Prospects. She understands our recruitment requirements and draws on her sector knowledge, environmental qualifications and search expertise to engage the very best candidates.  I have been impressed at her desire to go ‘the extra mile" adopting a value add rather than task based approach, successfully adapting traditional executive search models to suit our needs.

Talent Director, Environment Consultancy

Very experienced at dealing with clients, colleagues and candidates at all levels and their excellent communication skills ensure that outstanding results are delivered even in the most difficult circumstances.  

Director, Executive Search Firm

Career Coaching and Job Search Support:

Sustainable Prospects provided fantastic insight and advice regarding my CV at the very beginning of my job search in the accountancy sector. Their approach is both professional and client-orientated and they brought out the best of me and my CV.  Following their guidance, I forwarded my CV to potential employers immediately and shortly afterwards obtained a job offer. I would strongly recommend them.

Early career Trainee Accountant

I was a bit of a loss this time last year, having been jumping from one job to another trying to find something in the sustainability sector that also allowed me to get outside and use my degree. You gave me ideas for work that I wasn't aware of and provided detailed information about different sectors and what I could I expect from different careers. Now, I am happily employed in a marine ecological consultancy and love having the chance to get outside as well as use my brain! Thank you!

Early Career Environment Consultant

I was having a ‘crisis of career confidence’! I definitely got the validation I sought and afterwards felt much more comfortable. Instead of looking at what I’m lacking, your advice showed how to use my past experience to my advantage. You came into the conversation with no preconceptions, listened to my thoughts and drew practical conclusions. I appreciated being given a set of options instead of the usual approach ‘this is the one thing you should look at – do it and come back to me’! 

Early Career Management Consultant

Thank you very much for  the very helpful tips and suggestions. I have been busy following your advice and already have many interviews coming up. I cannot thank you enough!  

Recent Sustainability Graduate


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